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Inspired by watching and reading countless mommy vlogs and blogs during her first pregnancy to help prepare for baby and labour; founder Leeyan Yates decided to create a pregnancy diary that could be personalised to suit every mother's individual needs. Based in Brisbane Australia, My Pregnancy Diary was then created and launched in 2017 in the hope to help other expectant mothers document their important details, tailor their own checklists, track milestones, and at the end of their incredible journey, print out a beautiful hard book memoir to cherish forever.

Description: Congratulations you're having a baby! Help prepare for this life changing event with My Pregnancy Diary. My Pregnancy Diary will help you get organised by allowing you to;

- Upload photos and document your milestones week by week

- Personalise your shopping lists to suit your needs and choices

- Record costs and keep a budget for all purchases

- Keep a record of all gifts received from loved ones and send thank you messages

- Record all appointments, important contacts, baby names and baby gender guesses from loved ones

- Check the weekly news feed to track the development of baby and find more useful information posted by other mothers - Plan and document your labour story

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